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कृपया खोज बॉक्स में अपना पंजीकरण नंबर या पहला नाम लिखें।

Sr. No.Order/Registration No.CategoryTypeSizeClint Name
14162MIG3 BHK1185Sarika Bajpai
24165MIG3 BHK1185Shalini Dixit
34208MIG3 BHK1185Gitanjali Tiwari
44209MIG3 BHK1185Dilip Jaiswal
54378MIG3 BHK1185Rohit Dubey
64386MIG3 BHK1185Tarunima Mishra
74389MIG3 BHK1185Rashmi Tripathi
84391MIG3 BHK1185Sarita Mishra
94412MIG3 BHK1185Manju Dubey
104597MIG3 BHK1185Shalini Kumari
114608MIG3 BHK1185Satish Kumar Pandey
124634MIG3 BHK1185Alka Srivastava
134779MIG3 BHK1185Ravi kumar
144884MIG3 BHK1185Atul Sachan
154901MIG3 BHK1185Shraddha Chaturvedi
163381MIG3 BHK1185Meenakshi Negi
173389MIG3 BHK1185Gopal krishna
183426MIG3 BHK1185Swati agrawal
193435MIG3 BHK1185Vinod Kumar Pandey
203479MIG3 BHK1185Varsha Pandey
213485MIG3 BHK1185Renuka Dubey
223492MIG3 BHK1185Pooja Yadav
233505MIG3 BHK1185Sarika Singh
243517MIG3 BHK1185Monu Mishra
253526MIG3 BHK1185Lalita Dhameja
263530MIG3 BHK1185Ashish Shukla
273538MIG3 BHK1185Reena Kumari
283542MIG3 BHK1185Neelam Jaiswal
293549MIG3 BHK1185Rajesh Sharma
303554MIG3 BHK1185Shanu Dwivedi
313559MIG3 BHK1185AwdheshYadav
323562MIG3 BHK1185Neha Kumari
333570MIG3 BHK1185Vineeta Devi
343576MIG3 BHK1185Swati Rastogi
353583MIG3 BHK1185Shristi Pal
363591MIG3 BHK1185Rinku Mishra
373600MIG3 BHK1185Meera Pandey
383609MIG3 BHK1185Neelam Kumari
393618MIG3 BHK1185Rashmi Devi
403624MIG3 BHK1185Rita Kumari
413629MIG3 BHK1185Shashi Prabha
423633MIG3 BHK1185Sarita Trivedi
433640MIG3 BHK1185Manupal Singh
443647MIG3 BHK1185Pinki Singh
453651MIG3 BHK1185Divya Chaudhari
463665MIG3 BHK1185Urmila Yadav
473670MIG3 BHK1185Piyush Sharma
483682MIG3 BHK1185Deepak kushwaha
493691MIG3 BHK1185Deep Singh
504844MIG3 BHK1185Mahender Pratap Singh
514177MIG - Big3 BHK1454Ankur Singh
524223MIG - Big3 BHK1454Anil Chaudhari
534351MIG - Big3 BHK1454Nidhi Agarwal
544390MIG - Big3 BHK1454Garima Mishra
554394MIG - Big3 BHK1454Hemant Mishra
564411MIG - Big3 BHK1454Priyanka Singh
574430MIG - Big3 BHK1454Prateek Srivastava
584563MIG - Big3 BHK1454Ritu Srivastava
594629MIG - Big3 BHK1454Ragini Pandey
604654MIG - Big3 BHK1454Praveen Shukla
614658MIG - Big3 BHK1454Shilpi Saxena
624666MIG - Big3 BHK1454Rajdeep Cahubey
634672MIG - Big3 BHK1454Suneel Singhla
644679MIG - Big3 BHK1454Pawan Mishra
654681MIG - Big3 BHK1454Ravi Singh
664688MIG - Big3 BHK1454Rohit Tegriwal
674691MIG - Big3 BHK1454Govind Bisth
684697MIG - Big3 BHK1454Mayank Agarwal
694700MIG - Big3 BHK1454Pawan Kumar
704705MIG - Big3 BHK1454Dolly
714711MIG - Big3 BHK1454Naresh Shrivastava
724717MIG - Big3 BHK1454Ajay Kumar Mishra
734722MIG - Big3 BHK1454Sakhi Yadav
744728MIG - Big3 BHK1454Ajay Saxena
754733MIG - Big3 BHK1454Tanvi Nagpal
764739MIG - Big3 BHK1454Md Wasim
774742MIG - Big3 BHK1454piyush Huns
784749MIG - Big3 BHK1454Pinku Swain
794754MIG - Big3 BHK1454Naveen Kumar
804760MIG - Big3 BHK1454yogita Saini
814784HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Rajesh Kumar
824795HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600jain Awasthi
834804HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Jitendra Kumar
844845HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Sumit Rathor
854859HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Shivam Saxena
864877HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Diwakar Ray
874888HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600mamta Thakur
884899HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Neha Sharma
894901HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Deepak kumar Tiwari
904907HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Piyush Gupta
914917HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Ram Narayan Yadav
924921HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Preeti Singh
934926HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Arun Bhadauria
944930HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Anjali Mishra
954932HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Aradhana Bajpai
964933HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Anshu Shukla
974934HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Prince Patel
984935HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Maya Sahu
994939HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Saumya kumari
1004944HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Manoj Shanker
1014953HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Mukesh Jaiswal
1024962HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Sandeep Tomar
1034969HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Mayank Singh
1044973HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Deeksha Gupta
1054981HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Sangeeta Singh
1064985HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Kasif Iqbal
1074991HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Mukesh Jaiswal
1084995HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Smita shukla
1094999HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Jyoti panday
1104767HIG3 BHK + Dressing1600Punkaj srivastav
1114771HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Shubham Seth
1124779HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Muskan Dhameja
1134783HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Sonal Pal
1144791HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Nidhi Patva
1154799HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Abhay khare
1164801HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Shashwat Mishra
1174803HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Mukesh Khare
1184807HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Jais Khan
1194811HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Alok Verma
1204821HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Roli Yadav
1214829HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Rupali Singh
1224836HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Komal Tripathi
1234840HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Trisha Dixit
1244841HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Shashi Bhushan Tiwari
1254846HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Diya Chaturvedi
1264849HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Raman Chaudhari
1274857HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Suraj Pandey
1284861HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Anurag Patil
1294901HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Sanjay Yadav
1304909HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Hansika Tiwari
1314917HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Deepali Kumari
1324925HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Naina Chaudhari
1334931HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Shalini Mehta
1344937HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Dev Tiwari
1354943HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Pradeep Kumar
1364947HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Niranjan Chauhan
1375001HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Ankit Chaudhari
1385009HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Raman Gupta
1395016HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Sanotsh Bajpai
1405022HIG - Big3 BHK + Servant + Dressing1825Kuljeet Singh

You are requested to provide us following list of documents so that we can go ahead and complete your KYC formalities.

  1. Duly signed & filled form.
  2. Two Passport size color photos.
  3. Self attested Address & ID proof copy.
  4. Self attested Pan Card copy
  5. Proof of Allotment Amount Submission.
  1. PLC charges will be applicable.
  2. We accept CBS/MICR Cheque/DD/Bank Transfer in favour of “Horizon Dwellings Pvt. Ltd.” Payable at Lucknow.


A/C No:- 56630200001588


Bank Name:-Bank of Baroda

Branch Name:-Vrindavan Yojna, Lucknow

  1. GST will be applicable on the above amount as per government norms.

Thanking You for continued patronage & assuring you of our best services all the time.